Nonprofit activities

1- Yemen Crisis –

Yemen has been suffering the war it has been in since the revolution in 2012 and this war had lead to starvation and hunger. I created the website to make the media aware of what is happening in Yemen

2- Yemen Canadian Club – YemenCanadian.Club

Founded by me in 2013 when i tried to get all Yemenis around Canada to come together as one hand and forget about all the conflict that is happening in Yemen between political parties and work together as Yemeni Canadian Citizens.

At the beginning it was created in a form of a Whats App group than after that a Facebook page has been created which you can visit through this link and a Facebook group

In 2016 a website than has been created YemenCanadian.Club


3- Arab Canadian Club –

The mission of this is to get all Arabs together so we could help Arab newcomers that has been relocating to Canada in huge numbers in any way we can, at first i started this by creating a Facebook group in 2008  The Arab Canadians group is been created after we had a workshop in Aug 2008 that had all new Arabs that just arrived Canada which I then decided to create this group to get all Arabs together to help and share information and jobs that could help all of us.

After that i created a Whats App Group and than a Facebook page specially after a lot of Syrian relocated to Canada which i thought would be best way we can introduce them to others and help them in any way we can



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